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I’ll begin this with a warning.

This is a monster 72 app guide to the best apps for learning and playing guitar.

In fact, it’s the biggest guitar app guide on the internet – so before you continue, bookmark this page now because you’ll want to return to it later and try more of these awesome apps.

…We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and chosen 72 the very best of them, organised them into 9 categories, explained what’s good about them, showed a video of each, chosen an independent review to show we’re not biased, and linked to the relevant app store to get the guitar app for your device.

…and If we’ve missed an app that you love. Let us know in the comments at the bottom : )

To Begin…

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Virtual Guitar & Guitar Simulator Apps

Steel Guitar


This app will give you that country twang. It has easy-to-operate emulations of lap, eight-string, Nashville- and Texas-style steel guitars, as well as a number of distortion and effects options. You can select among the Lap Steel, Eight-String Console or either of the traditional Nashville or Texas setups. You can also use it as a plain slide guitar (turn on the six-string “Lap” mode, and turn off the accelerometer) or use the full ten-string monster along with configurable “pedals”. Slide, pick, dip device to bend. Wire up the volume pedal and swell.

A few minutes of playing with the free version was all that it took for me to instantly upgrade to the full version! This app is fantastic and is another great addition to any mobile musician’s arsenal. Don’t hesitate, try it out and see and hear for yourself. This app sells itself pretty much.

– 5/5 – TheRealDutchee (independent app user review)

Available for iOS



iAmGuitar by savageapps is a virtual guitar app that lets you choose between a six string, a twelve string, and an electric guitar. Features to help the app feel real include Easy Keys where you can then choose the key you want to play in thus limiting the chords you want to play and Velocity Strumming where you can strum or pick strings individually and strum or tap in the center of the screen for full volume, and at the edge for quieter notes.


Available for iOS



This is a guitar simulator app that …offers four ways to “play” guitar: Manual Fret (fret notes and strum the screen), Hammer On (touch individual frets to hear the tone), Tab (program note sequences into the app) and Scale Guitar (choose a key and corresponding scale). You can pick from acoustic and electric sound patches as well as various effects, including wah, which mimics rocking a foot pedal by being is controlled by tilting your iPhone.

Ok this is a great app but please can you put different tunings for the tab like especially drop C and E and all the rest please and thank you and for the tabs portion please put in slides and hammer ons and all that good stuff

– 5/5 – Killswitch42 (independent app user review)

Available for iOS

Available for Android



This is a virtual guitar app that lets you feed high-quality guitar samples through eight effect units—including fuzz, treble boost, wah and distortion—and an overdriven amp simulator. You can record your jams and share them via AirPlay. Or, like the guitarist from Atomic Tom, use the app to rock out on a New York City subway train with your bandmates when your instruments get stolen.

By the first strum you realize that iShred is a virtual guitar like no other – it is infact the tool for ultimate guitar supremacy on an MP4 scale.

– 5/5 – TouchMyApps (independent app user review)

Available for iOS




There are a ton of apps on the market that turn your phone into a virtual guitar, but the creators of PocketGuitar believe it is the easiest. Simply press your fingers on the “strings,” strum your hand across the screen, and the notes come out. Virtual guitars include acoustic-electric, classical, bass and ukuleles, as well as various effects.

I think this app is very well done, nothing can beat having a real guitar but this comes close if you want to just pick a little, work on something on the go or just mess around. Totally worth $0.99. Would like more effects

– 5/5 – Slingenink (independent app user review)

Available for iOS


Guitar Free with Songs


24-fret guitar is a virtual guitar with multi-touch that uses emulations of strumming, fretting, chords, damping, vibrato, hammer-ons and pull offs so that you can play along with the songs in the library. It includes a metronome, left handed mode, support for 4-8 strings, resizable frets and resizable strings.

Playing around with app is fun even for someone who knows how to play guitar. Simple to use and an uncluttered interface. I play mostly chords and rhythm guitar so this app is helping me pick out melodies and get better at playing ear.

– 5/5 – La4Music (independent app user review)

Available for iOS




Guitarism is a virtual guitar app that focuses on quality sound as well as artwork courtesy of graphic artist Ryan Hemeon. It has EQ and Reverb to shape the sound that’s powered by the AUFX series of effects apps. You can play along with songs from your music library, save chord presets per song and record and share your performance with the community and your friends.

For an app, it’s surprisingly satisfying for a real guitarist to play (when no real guitar is within reach), and it’s sound, although far from a perfect replica of a real guitar, is quite convincing at times

– 5/5 – Guitarot (independent app user review)

Available for iOS

Available for Android

Guitar: Solo Lite & Solo 2


Guitar solo it’s sequel solo 2 is a virtual guitar that aims to make it easy for you to play your favourite songs or create your own ones. The free demo version only has the acoustic guitar but the full version has classical, acoustic and electric guitars.

Great app. Good chord library for reference. Fun and at the same time useful for real guitar. Droid

– 5/5 – Darsha Irugalbandara  (independent app user review)

Available for Android

Robotic Guitarist Free


Robotic Guitarist is a virtual guitar and chord guide for your smart phone. This application will be useful both for those that already play the guitar as well as beginners.

There is also a paid version, with every sound pack bundled and ad free.

The main features include a multitouch guitar emulator and the ‘Guitar lab’ where you can choose among the sound of a lot of different instruments and map them to the whole guitar, or even pick a different one for each string.

Awesome.. Awesome app. Handy for musicians and a great learning tool too! Recommended.

– 4/5 – Alex Mann (independent app user review)

Available for Android

iFretless Bass


iFretless is a bass emulator that has algorithms for sensing touch force, aiming to give the user more control. It features three different bass styles and sounds. It also has a music player that allows you to play along to songs from your iTunes library, to help create your own personal sound when mixing in the bass volume.

Convenient way to lay down quick, nice sounding bass lines. You won’t be disappointed.

– 5/5 – Fusionarts  (independent app user review)

Available for iOS


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