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I’ll begin this with a warning.

This is a monster 72 app guide to the best apps for learning and playing guitar.

In fact, it’s the biggest guitar app guide on the internet – so before you continue, bookmark this page now because you’ll want to return to it later and try more of these awesome apps.

…We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and chosen 72 the very best of them, organised them into 9 categories, explained what’s good about them, showed a video of each, chosen an independent review to show we’re not biased, and linked to the relevant app store to get the guitar app for your device.

…and If we’ve missed an app that you love. Let us know in the comments at the bottom : )

To Begin…

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Guitar Tab Apps –

Tab Libraries & Guitar Tab Players

Tab Tool Kit


TabToolKit loads tab as well as standard notation and best of all, features a virtual fretboard that shows where to put your fingers for each note in a guitar line. A built-in audio engine enables users to hear and control audio for all instrument tracks individually as well as speed up and slow down the tempo of the music:

I’ve tried pretty much every drum tab and sheet music app out there for iPad, and this is by far the best.

– 5/5 – Chris 83 M (independent app user review)

Available for iOS

Ultimate-Guitar Tabs

This app let’s you access a massive tab selection where you can pick from a daily updated library of over 800,000 tabs or chords charts with lyrics.

The app can also play the music to the libraries’ 150,000-plus Tab Pro offerings with loop and tempo control. Plus it also has a tuner, metronome and chord library:

Handy Quick reference to millions of songs, some are spot on and some are a bit amateurish but made with total enthusiastic commitment nontheless! overall all its a really handy tool.

– 5/5 – Graeme Lang (independent app user review)

Available for iOS

Available for Android


Songsterr Guitar Tabs

Songsterr Guitar Tabs is a simple tablature downloading app with access to a library of 500,000 high-quality guitar and bass tabs. When the tabs are loaded you can play the tracks from them, change the playback instrument sounds and play along:

Every tab I need, right here. You perform a valuable service to the guitar community with apps like this!

– 5/5 – Kieron Ross (independent app user review)

Available for iOS

Available for Android


The Chordinator

This app is designed to let you view, organise, edit, share, download and transpose guitar chords and tab sheets. It also has an auto scroll mode to leave your hands free to focus on your guitar. All songs are stored on your phone so no need for internet after you download the app. You can organise your songs into sets, transpose instantly and the key is remembered the next time you view the song.  The Chordinator supports ordinary text files as well as the popular ChordPro song format:

Wow I’ve only uses the application for a few minutes but I am in awe. Music lovers everywhere should use this application it is amazing.

– 5/5 – Yigal Alalouf (independent app user review)

Available for iOS

Available for Android

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