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I’ll begin this with a warning.

This is a monster 72 app guide to the best apps for learning and playing guitar.

In fact, it’s the biggest guitar app guide on the internet – so before you continue, bookmark this page now because you’ll want to return to it later and try more of these awesome apps.

…We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and chosen 72 the very best of them, organised them into 9 categories, explained what’s good about them, showed a video of each, chosen an independent review to show we’re not biased, and linked to the relevant app store to get the guitar app for your device.

…and If we’ve missed an app that you love. Let us know in the comments at the bottom : )

To Begin…

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Guitar Apps For Learning Songs,

Riffs & Licks



JamPlay features video guitar lessons to help develop your playing. It has a variety of lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced players and features songs from a range of genres from heavy metal to country taught by 74 different professional instructors. The guitar lessons are clear, well presented and filmed with multiple HD cameras so you can see clearly what the instructor is doing with both of their hands.

I have been playing for over 35 years and am a decent player. This app has not only improved my playing but has opened a thousand windows. It fits any style of playing. If you don’t download you are a fool. Thanks jamplay. Outstanding

– 5/5 – Buster9982000 (independent app user review)

Available for iOS

Available for Android


Beginner Guitar Songs


Created by Guitar Jamz, the Beginner Guitar Song app uses easy to follow video lessons to help you to learn the basics of playing guitar including important guitar chords for beginners, how to strum them and easy songs to get started playing.

To me, this feels like the best way to start playing the guitar, the instructor teaches really well and knows how to slow the lessons down to actually teach and not just play and hope for the best

– 5/5 – Zach Piper (independent app user review)

Available for iOS


Lick of the Day


Lick of the Day is an app for guitar players who want to continuously improve their repertoire of licks. It combines video lessons from guitar instructors with matching interactive tab, notation, text explanations and backing tracks.

This is the best App I have when it comes to it’s worth for what it can teach you. That why I give it a 25 and not just a five. I been playing since the mid-60’s and I am still learning some with each lesson I go thru. There just isn’t enough hours in the day to play all the different styles of licks this App offers. Absolutely the best bang for the buck

– 5/5 – Jett Joxx (independent app user review)

Available for iOS


Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application

Gibson learn

This app not only provides essential tools: al chromatic tuner, alternate tuning settings, a standard mode tuner, metronome and an extensive chord library. It also comes preloaded with video lessons that cover a variety of things from beginner and intermediate playing to more advanced rock, jazz and blues techniques.

Also, there’s a quick link to Gibson’s website, where you can keep up to date on industry news or check out their Les Pauls, SGs and 335s.

Everything you need to play guitar I started learning guitar with this app just over a week ago. I went from nothing to making vast improvements and I’ve only watched four lessons.

– 5/5 – Rob Lager (independent app user review)

Available for Android


RR Guitar Fretboard Trainer

RR GuitarFretboad

This app will help you learn the fretboard while away from your instrument.

It works by repeatedly prompting the user to find and identify notes on the guitar fretboard.

Features include: Customisable game profiles, Right and Left handed fretboard, Standard 6 string guitar, or any number of strings 4 (bass) up to 10 strings, sound (optional) customisable alternate tunings, full screen or scrollable fretboard, statistics tracking and automatic game creation using your individual trouble spots.

Great app. The perfect thing for the player who wants a less boring way to learn the fretboard than drills. Does NOT take place of the drills; boring or not, they are the only way to gain speed and accuracy. But this is a perfect app for learning the note

– 5/5 – Dennis Holcombe (independent app user review)

Available for Android


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