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I’ll begin this with a warning.

This is a monster 72 app guide to the best apps for learning and playing guitar.

In fact, it’s the biggest guitar app guide on the internet – so before you continue, bookmark this page now because you’ll want to return to it later and try more of these awesome apps.

…We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and chosen 72 the very best of them, organised them into 9 categories, explained what’s good about them, showed a video of each, chosen an independent review to show we’re not biased, and linked to the relevant app store to get the guitar app for your device.

…and If we’ve missed an app that you love. Let us know in the comments at the bottom : )

To Begin…

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Apps For Learning Guitar Chords & Scales



Chord! is a simple but complete chords and scales app for guitar that aims to show a variety of fingerings for a chord without using music theory. It’s suitable for both beginners and advanced players and it also has modes for bass, ukulele and banjo.

The pictures don’t quite show it, but there is no other app quite like this. This is the only truly modular chord finder. You do not pick from a preset list of chords, you build your own with the harmonic qualities YOU want. You can build and find chords that other apps don’t even consider. The results are dynamically generated. This is the only chord app that thinks for itself. Beautiful interface and excellent features.

5/5 –  jameswenzel (independent app user review)

Available for iOS
Available for Android

Learn Guitar Chords


This app is best suited for beginner and intermediate players as it shows you how to play the most used chords for the guitar. You can choose between Electric and Acoustic guitar. For Android. Cost: free.

If you’re just beginning or an expert needing to sharpen up on your chords, great app to do so. I like how you can play the chord on screen so you know what it’s suppose to sound like. Could have a bit more content, but i like as is. Cheers for the skill upgrade team!

5/5 – Madz Walker (independent app user review)

Available for Android

Chords Free


Chord! is an extremely complete chords and scales app for guitar or other fretted instruments like bass, ukulele, banjo, etc.

Unlike other chord chart apps, Chord! doesn’t use on a database of charts. Instead, it computes and analyses all the possible fingerings and you don’t need know music theory to use it. Although we recommend al guitarist learn how to build chords so that they can create their own.

You don’t have to be an advanced player to use the app, you can however take a look under the hood and tweak the parameters if you want to.

The free version features a fully functional chord search, but only 5 scales instead of 400 and 8 tunings, no reverse chord and scale search and no custom tunings database.

I used to just go on ultimate guitars website but now they’re constantly telling me to pay for their stupid app. I decided to give this a try and it surprisingly has a lot of songs. I wasn’t expecting to find Temples on here but there it was. Highly recommended tab app.

5/5 – Levi Herron (independent app user review)

Available for Android

The Chordinator


This app is designed to let you view, organise, edit, share, download and transpose guitar chords and tab sheets. It also has an auto scroll mode to leave your hands free to focus on your guitar. All songs are stored on your phone so no need for internet after you download the app. You can organise your songs into sets, transpose instantly and the key is remembered the next time you view the song. The Chordinator supports ordinary text files as well as the popular ChordPro song format.

Perfect for Working Musicians. application works great for musicians who need to learn a lot of new material constantly- the only problem with this and its not even the developers fault is that most of the chord charts are incorrect but its easy to edit so not a big deal.. thanks

5/5 – Cody Walker Jr. (independent app user review)

Available for Android

Reverse Chord Finder for Guitar


Yep, this app is not simply a chord finder, it’s a reverse chord finder!

Use it by tapping on fretboard to find the name of the chord. It will then find meaningful chord names for your chord and present the most common one first! You can also bookmark and organise your favorite chords. It features left handed support and provide inversions too.

This app is really great! Its detailed and will give you all the possible chord names for anything you play. Plus you can view the note names, fret numbers, or chord note intervals and switch between those options seamlessly for teaching yourself and expressing chords to others! I really like this app!! Works great on guitar or piano.

5/5 – Bassrunner5 (independent app user review)

Available for iOS

Available for Android

Robotic Guitarist Free


Robotic Guitarist is a virtual guitar and chord guide for your smart phone. This application will be useful both for those that already play the guitar as well as beginners.

There is also a paid version, with every sound pack bundled and ad free.

The main features include a multitouch guitar emulator and the ‘Guitar lab’ where you can choose among the sound of a lot of different instruments and map them to the whole guitar, or even pick a different one for each string.

A must have for music lovers. Really cool instrumental abilities

5/5 – Arthur Bouvier (independent app user review)

Available for Android



This is a collection of go to tools for every guitarist. Featuring a very accurate tuner, a metronome, plus a 200-strong chord, scale and arpeggio library. It’s also got Apple’s seal of approval and is in their App Store Hall of Fame. It includes a left handed mode and supports for 7 string guitar, as well as 4-6 string basses, ukuleles, banjos and mandolins.

Still surprised that it took so long for them to fix the issue, but super happy that the app is back on track. Guitar Toolkit is the only comprehensive collection of tools that’s worth having on my phone and iPad.

5/5 – Sean_Burgess (independent app user review)

Available for iOS
Available for Android

Guitarist’s Reference


A chord and scale learning app featuring a 3,000-plus chord encyclopedia and information on more than 40 scale types—from major to diminished to harmonic minor, in any key. A great feature is the chord/scale reference guide: pick a chord and the app recommends corresponding scales; choose a scale and it will suggest chords to play underneath.

Loads of help for someone wanting a mastery of the fretboard.

5/5 – Greg White (independent app user review)

Available for iOS
Available for Android

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application

Gibson learn

This app not only provides essential tools: al chromatic tuner, alternate tuning settings, a standard mode tuner, metronome and an extensive chord library. It also comes preloaded with video lessons that cover a variety of things from beginner and intermediate playing to more advanced rock, jazz and blues techniques.

Also, there’s a quick link to Gibson’s website, where you can keep up to date on industry news or check out their Les Pauls, SGs and 335s

I started learning guitar with this app just over a week ago. I went from nothing to making vast improvements and I’ve only watched four lessons.

5/5 – Rob Lager (independent app user review)

Available for Android


Guitar Tools


Guitar Tools combines several of Planet Waves’ other apps, including Chordmaster – for learning chords – and Scale Wizard – for learning scales. You also get a tuner and metronome.

A bonus feature is the app provides access to guitar instructors in your area as well as the location of nearby music stores—a nice resource if you’re out on the road and break your last string.

Love it! Works great! 

5/5 – Tammie Schritter (independent app user review)

Available for Android

7 Chords


This guitar-chord library app is best for players looking to add a little chord theory knowledge to their repertoire (who doesn’t?). Choose a chord, and the app displays the name as well as what frets to play and fingers to use. Then a quick tap of the screen plays the chord. 7 Chords is a nicely laid-out app that will help you differentiate your sus2’s from your maj9’s in no time.

This is a great tool for those who struggle to play certain chords on the guitar. It’s very easy to use, intuitive, and the sound of the chords, when played is clear and has a good quality. The application is intuitive to use and very helpful, especially when alternate chord fingering is sought. A nice addition would be if a chord name could be derived when fingering positions are defined.

5/5 – LeChard  (independent app user review)

Available for iOS

Guitar Suite HD


With this app you can test yourself on 50 scales and more than 25,000 chords, plus it features a metronome and support for bass, guitar, ukulele, banjo and lute. It also comes with a guitar tuner and a tune-by-ear option so that you can learn this all important skill.

Love the metronome on this bad boy! Works great for  drumming. The chord finder is nice for the times I feel like whipping out the guitar and writing a few songs every now and then because I always forget the fingering.

5/5 – Drummer dood (independent app user review)

Available for iOS


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